VC Roundtable Highlights

VC roundtable meeting with Apurva Desai, Nitin Pachisia, Howie Diamond and Ben Bayat

Jul 21, 2022 | Insights

Interstate Fusion Ventures (IFV) held a VC Roundtable meeting in June. Founding & Managing Partner Bill Manby sparked conversations around essential issues the VC market faces today. It was an intriguing dialogue with many insights that are worth sharing.

We heard from the Founding Manager of Pure Ventures and one of Interstate Fusion’s Silicon Valley Advisors, Howie Diamond. Howie touched on the factors he believes are driving LP decisions. Apurva Desai, CEO of Sarvian, caught everyone’s attention with an operational perspective on the recent market turmoil. He offered the new approaches and adjustments firms must make to handle these pressures. Founding Partner at Unshackled Ventures, Nitin Pachisia, explained how VCs and startups could make themselves more attractive by simply focusing on their core. Managing Director at NextGen Venture Partners, Ben Bayat, provided insights on what founders are looking for in funds and partners.

We want to thank all the experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and fund managers that provided these great insights. We’ll continue to host similar events as we look to help all our partners position themselves for growth and success. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for updates on Interstate Fusion and our portfolio companies.

Apurve Desai’s observations on the recent market turmoil

Apurva Desai gives observations on the recent market turmoil from an operational perspective.

Why VCs and Startup need to focus on their core with Nitin Pachisia

Nitin Pachisia gives his response to how we optimize what founders are looking for and if he thinks smaller, more dynamic funds are more advantageous.

Venture market changes insights with Ben Bayat

Another member of the IFV team, Ben Bayat, gives his thoughts on the way founders have been looking at market changes over the past years.

What’s driving LP investment decisions with Howie Diamond

Howie Diamond gives his perspective on what he believes is driving LP’s decision process.

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