Connecting the Coasts to the Midwest

Interstate Fusion Ventures leverages our strong coastal connections and regional resources to invest in top-tier startups on the coasts and the Midwest

The Midwest is known for its impressive group of legacy corporations and research institutions, who can help drive the success of early-stage companies. But the coasts still control the venture capital ecosystem, so being connected is critical, to achieve success.

We know the way.
It’s a proven path.
A better route.

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We are Interstate Fusion Ventures

Inspired by the interstates that connect the east and west coasts to the heart of Northeast Ohio, we’re bringing together the significant resources from Ohio and the greater Midwest to innovative companies on the coasts. This fusion of capital and expertise will result in a more direct path to success for investors and our portfolio companies.

The Difference

Traditionally, the Midwest invests in the Midwest. This regional strategy limits dealflow and access to capital and resources.

Interstate Fusion Ventures has built an innovative “two-way street” where capital, talent and knowledge flow continuously between the heartland and the coast.

When Silicon Valley or NYC startups begin working with enterprises in Northeast Ohio, they often set up a local presence, which creates jobs and bigger ideas. This also attracts more investors and focus on startups and investing opportunities in Northeast Ohio.

The Advantage

The launch of our first fund allowed us to build a broad network of investors and entrepreneurs across the country. It also gave us expanded reach and alignment with Silicon Valley and NYC, paving the way for future deals.

We are well connected to the Midwest’s robust cluster of manufacturing, healthcare and consumer goods businesses. These organizations represent massive buying power for technology products and services. These are the customers startups need.

Interstate Fusion Ventures is uniquely prepared to connect the coasts to the Midwest in a way that amplifies and grows opportunities and investments locally and globally.


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